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Cinzia Rocca

Posted on July 11 2019

Giancomo Rocco founded what was to become Cinzia Rocca in 1953. The post war period allowed for a rapid development in the fashion business, with women rediscovering their femininity and searching for softer fabrics and fine tailoring. In the late 1980’s, the brand was born, inspired by Giacomo’s only daughter - Cinzia Rocca. Cinzia would soon become the heart of the company and the woman behind the brand, following in her father’s footsteps for years to come. Fine craftsmanship and Italian style remain the core of the brand. Defined as a 300 tailor company, the tailoring process of each collection is a combination of mechanical phases and handcrafted procedures. Each product is unique with a specialness emerging from the details, from the precision of the stitchings to the textile and sartorial techniques chosen. Cinzia Rocca is the value of competence and knowledge expressed through collections with precious taste.

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