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Get to Know Our Stylists: Mimi

In continuing to shine a light on our fabulous stylists, how they help clients step up their style game and what they’re passionate about outside of fashion, we wanted to sit down with a stylist who knows top of the line service! This week we sat down with stylist and manager of our Bayview Village location, Mimi. Mimi has forged the way for many other stylists within the company, constantly providing inspiration, advice and an infectious sense of humour. Today she shares what’s contributed to her success over the last sixteen years, how she helps clients make an impeccable first impression and how she likes to enjoy her time when she’s not wardrobing with clients. 

Stephanie: What location do you style at and how long have you been with Andrews? 

Mimi: I am a stylist and manager of the Bayview Village location. I have been building this business now for over sixteen years. It’s been a labour of love for sure. 

S: That’s incredible Mimi, what an accomplishment for you and your team! As the manager, what do you think the key has been to the success of our Bayview location? 

M: That’s a great question! A lot of hard work. I wanted to build something beautiful and that wouldn’t have been possible without the Mason family and the team that I have assembled. It has been a lot of hard work, as you know we’ve had three expansions and I would love to have more! I also think our high level of service to our clients has been a key to the success of the store. We’ve maintained that same level of service all these years and I think that’s why our clients always come back and are faithful to the company. We bend over backwards for our clients. They know that they won‘t get this level of service anywhere else.  

S: How would you describe your own personal style? 

M: I would describe my own personal style as simple, elegant and professional. It’s at the utmost importance that I look put together every day because as the manager, I must inspire my clients as well as my staff. 

S: How do you like to work with clients? 

M: I work mostly by private appointments. The key is knowing my client’s lifestyle, which is how I gage their needs. Whether they’re a professional that requires pieces for work, more casual wear for the cottage or maybe a mix of both. I work a wardrobe around their needs to suit their lifestyle and they love it! My clients are incredible. They are so faithful to me and the company. Over the last year, I have been truly blown away by their support. 

S: What do you love most about helping clients put together looks? 

M: I find that women are very critical of themselves, so I love helping them feel confident through new, fresh looks. For me, I aim to inspire them by showing them outfits that will have them looking and feeling their best. The first impression is so important, but women also must dress for themselves and make sure that they love what they’re wearing first. If they love their look and feel confident, then that will translate into their energy and how they carry themselves, allowing them to make a fabulous first impression. 

S: What do you find most rewarding about being a stylist? 

M: I love making my clients feel good about themselves. They always leave saying they didn’t realize how good they could feel wearing clothes that fit their silhouette, their style and lifestyle perfectly. Leaving my clients feeling happy and confident is what makes my job so rewarding. 

S: What is your favourite Andrews brand at the moment, and what is it about the brand that inspires you? 

M: I would say Fabiana Filippi is my number one and always has been. The sophistication and elegance of their pieces is what grabs me. I also love Vince, Frame and Greta Constantine. Vince is contemporary fashion, yet it has an uptick from the ordinary. Frame is new, different, hot and right on the ball in terms of what our clients want from us. Greta Constantine makes beautiful dresses. The designers are brilliant with the fabric they use, nobody needs spanx with these incredible pieces. They just fit so well and really compliment the female form! It’s usually the luxury brands that I prefer because the quality is unlike any other. 

S: What’s your favourite fashion trend of the summer? 

M: Linen, linen and more linen! I’m European so it’s all about the linen in the summer months. Whether it’s a pant, top or dress, having some great linen staples in your wardrobe is a wonderful way to stay cool, chic and elevated no matter how you put it together. 

S: What do you like to do when you aren’t helping your clients look and feel fabulous? 

M: Well, I’m an avid golfer, so my summers are often spent touring around my favourite courses in the city. I also love getting out on patios, enjoying wine and laughter with good friends. 

S: What are your three favourite Toronto places? 

M: Oh, only three! There are so many! First of all, the golf courses. We have some of the best golf courses in the world and I’ve played on different courses throughout the world. I love Toronto Island, anything to do with water, where you can go relax and turn it into your own private oasis for the day. Lastly, we have incredible restaurants here in Toronto. I love to support the restaurants at Bayview Village as much as I can. Oliver & Bonacini Café Grill specifically has great food and wine! You must try their Mixed Greens Salad when you go, it’s so fresh and delicious. 

Mimi is an expert in wardrobing. With her incredible knowledge and expertise, she will build you a wardrobe you feel excited about and that speaks to your style and lifestyle. Need some guidance on creating a wardrobe of outfits that compliment you impeccably? Book an appointment with Mimi and she will elevate what you wear and how you wear it, so you’re always making a fabulous impression. 

Looks by: Mimi @ Bayview

Article by: Stephanie @ Virtual


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