Giving Back Through Style

We are overjoyed to take part in the launch of an incredibly special jacket by TH Fashion, called the Jacket of Hope. Not only does this jacket support you as you move through all your day-to-day activities, it also supports community art programs and creative placemaking educational programs through the Artscape Foundation. As we continue to highlight visionaries within our community this season, we were privileged to speak with the creator behind the jacket, Toronto-based architect and interior designer, Dee Dee Taylor Eustace. Dee Dee speaks to her journey in creating such a one-of-a-kind jacket, empowering women through style, and how this jacket gives back.

Stephanie: What inspired you to create this special jacket?

Dee Dee: I love the details of fashion and had designed a fashion capsule of 13 pieces that was ready to launch, then COVID hit, so we pivoted. Not to be defeated by COVID, I selected the Jacket as the ultimate piece of the collection.

S: Why did you decide to call it the Jacket of Hope?

D: I had designed a Chapel of Hope at architectural school while I was studying abroad in Rome for all rites of passage. This Jacket project reminded me of the depth of hope we would need for the days that lay ahead of us.

S: There are some unique design details in this jacket, what details did you feel were most important for you to include as you were creating it?

D: I love the seaming of the Jacket; it reminds me of a Chanel Jacket. The long sleeve with the split open bell sleeve and the double access zipper which is a must for maximum wearability. The high neck is so elegant and practical for today’s sun protection and now with a removable mask, it has double function. I must admit the simple pocket for a credit card without bulking out the Jacket is brilliant - you are ready to roll.

S: With the purchase of a Jacket of Hope, $50 goes towards the Artscape Foundation. What motivated you to support Artscapes through this project?

D: I have expanded this initiative to include Artscape Foundation where I am currently on the board that aids our cultural community with programs and affordable housing.

S: How do you envision women wearing and styling this jacket?

D: This Jacket can be worn as formal, day wear and super casual, really from day to night. I have worn it with a long dress zipped up to the neck and open below with the sleeves folded back. I’ve also worn it contrasted with leggings and a tee shirt with zipper open top and bottom and holding in the middle. The material is a light and cool blue skin which is a scuba knit. I decided on black so the jacket would be timeless and appropriate for every season. I love that the Jacket is long enough to be a suit jacket or short coat.

S: What do you hope women will feel as they wear their Jacket of Hope?

D: When I put this Jacket on, I feel beautiful, strong, and sexy without being exposed. It is a go to piece for me, that I always feel amazing wearing. My hope is that the Jacket of Hope gives all women power; that they capture the room elegantly and forever.

Be sure to check out the versatile elegance of the Jacket of Hope, now available online.


Article by: Stephanie @ Virtual


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