Guest Of: Cottage Wedding

In continuation of our Guest Of series, we explore the perfect event dresses, accessories and gifts for the next major theme this wedding season: the Cottage Wedding. Whether it be a rustic family cottage or a glamorous Airbnb, many happy couples are looking towards nature for a thoughtful respite to start their next chapter. This type of venue is the perfect place to appreciate our beautiful province and bring a sense of gratitude, surrounded by an intimate selection of family and friends.    

What's the Vibe

Setting the scene for a perfectly romantic cottage getaway, the aesthetic will likely range from rustic to glamping or somewhere in-between. Rooms decorated with thoughtful interiors passed down by generations, holding memories of seasons gone by. With warm summer days on the dock and quiet evenings surrounded by fireflies, it is likely that this wedding will be no different. A cottage is a place of rest, making meaningful memories, and this couple’s special day will capture that charm unlike any other.    

What to Wear

In dressing for a Cottage Wedding, consider flowy dresses with relaxed silhouettes that can be captured on the lake breeze. Knowing you’ll likely be surrounded by forestwhy not compliment the nature around you by wearing brighter, playful tones and floral patterns, or go for something more neutral for a classic look. We would recommend a long dress to help you stay warm as the sun goes down and keep you comfortable so you can dance your night away by the fire.   

How to Accessorize  

Keep your accessories simple and classic for the day by working with matching sets that can be re-worn on their own, time and time again. Details like modern pearls and vintage-inspired accents will effortlessly elevate your look.  

What To Gift    

Knowing your couple is likely to have an affinity for the outdoors, finding the perfect gift can sometimes be just that, experiences. Perhaps gifting a cottage rental in another area or some updated gear to help plan their next trip could be just the thing to jumpstart their next adventure!    

We hope you are as excited as we are to get back to celebrating with friends and family and attending small events, that allow us to dress up for a special day. If you have an event coming up and need help pulling together the perfect look for the occasion, feel free to book an appointment with any of our stylists and we’ll be sure to assist you in getting on the best dressed list! 

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