Nature Is Luxury

Our inspiration for the 2020 Fall season

Ah, fall. While many of us can’t believe it’s here already, just as many are welcoming the new season with open arms. And while it may look a bit different this year, there is still a cooling feeling of transformation. One whiff of the brisk Fall air and I am transported to times of back to school shopping with my dad, preparing for a “new year” and a fresh start. 

As it gets cooler, still, I think of warm drinks and the changing leaves. To me, fall is all about contrast; the warmth of friends and family indoors with comforting coffee, or the changing colours of the leaves against the grey sky.

It’s a magical season.

After a turbulent and uncertain past six months, we’re looking ahead to times of comfort. 

We know many are uneasy about cooler weather and unsure of what the winter inside will bring… in contrast to the last few seasons, luxury to us is a state of great comfort. 

Fall is another opportunity to get back to nature, exploring the local outdoors in a warm sweater or jacket, with the comfort of a friend or loved one.

We can use this season of change to get back to our natural selves by embracing our authentic style. Without the sticky heat of summer, there’s nothing more freeing than dressing for yourself and dressing for comfort.

What does being in a luxurious state of comfort look like to us?

In our collection it appears as complementary neutral tones. Beiges. Browns. Greys. Whites. Colors that provide the same warmth as a cup of tea or hot apple cider.

We’ve focused on providing comfort through texture in our knits, wools, and cashmeres. Things you could wear to stroll outside while enjoying nature. And, of course, some pops of colour, prints, and fun novelty pieces you can use to showcase your authentic style. Like the bright fall leaves against the cool grey skies. Embracing the comforting transformative season of fall is embracing luxury. Find fall’s best looks and embrace the natural luxury of our latest collection. 

We invite you to discover your new favorite piece and shop the article below. 



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