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Top Accessory Trends with Accessory Buyer, Michelle

The best way to complete a look is always through the right accessories! To ensure that you’re completing your look in a way that will have you feeling confident, stylish and elevated this summer, we sat down with our accessory buyer, Michelle Small. Michelle has been with the company since 2007 and offers her expertise on the must-have accessories for the season, how she chooses only the best pieces for Andrews, and completing your look whether you’re running errands, on a Zoom call, or attending an event.

Stephanie: What do you look for in accessories when you’re buying?

Michelle: Before I head into an accessory appointment, I review what the womenswear buying team has already purchased for the upcoming season and take note of the colours and trends. I really try to curate the accessory buy to items that have a unique element to them, whether it be a twist to a pearl earring or a different leather treatment on a belt. I want you to be able to layer the necklace you bought last season with a new statement piece that is trending now.

S: What are your top five accessories for the season and why?

M: The Hat – From the classic fedora (Jeanne Simmons) to a fun baseball cap (Kerri Rosenthal), don’t let your handbag be the only thing you grab before you head out the door. Consider topping your look off with a hat to keep the sun out of your eyes while letting your style shine.

The Carry All Bag – Whether it’s a large tote (Longchamp) or a compact crossbody bag (MZ Wallace), find the one that fits all your must-have items and go!

The Necklace – The summer months usually mean more open necklines, giving you the perfect opportunity to add a necklace. Whether it’s a simple pendant necklace on a chain (Jenny Bird) while wearing a V-neck dress or a bolder style (Biko) to peek through a collared top or blazer.

The Belt – If your denim has belt loops, add a belt! It really makes such a difference in elevating your style by filling in those loops, whether it be a braided leather belt (Vanzetti) for a casual outfit or a solid leather belt with a unique buckle to complete a business-appropriate look.

The Bracelet – Many of us talk with our hands whether we realize it or not. Add a bracelet (Jenny Bird/Biko) and accessorize those wrists, people really will notice!

S: What is your favourite trend in accessories for the season?

M: I really love the trend of updated pearl jewelry pieces. Since pearls never go out of style, it is so interesting to see how designers have put a twist on them this season. Biko, a local Toronto designer, did an amazing job with their handcrafted pearl drop earrings and bangle. They are both simple and elegant pieces that will elevate any look.

S: We’re all spending so much time on Zoom these days, how do you recommend accessorizing for a Zoom meeting?

M: Now that we find ourselves behind the computer screen meeting people virtually instead of in-person, it is all about waist-up dressing. Necklaces and earrings both play an important role so choose one (or both) when hopping on your next video call. I would select one to be a statement piece, don’t be afraid to go bold with a chunky necklace or a drop earring, and have the other piece be a simple chain or a hoop.

S: What are your top tips for elevating a look with accessories?

M: The right accessories can elevate even the simplest of outfits. I would try and add 1 – 2 accessories to complete your look as these finishing touches really pull it all together. Do you have belt loops? Fill them! Is your neckline open? Add a statement necklace. Are you spending the day outdoors? Top it off with a cute summer hat.

S: What accessories will you be snapping up for yourself?

M: As a busy working mom with two young children, I will be snapping up the MZ Wallace Colour Block Metro Tote Bag. It will fit all my must-have items while I am on the go and of course an assortment of snacks and toys for the kids. The Jenny Bird Hidden Hearts Large Hoop Earrings is my other must-have, a simple gold hoop with a twist that I can wear no matter what the occasion is.

Michelle has set us up for style success with these beautiful accessories to finish any look. Need to boost your outfit game? Check out all our new accessories to ensure your look is stylish, elevated and on-trend this summer. 

Article and looks by: Stephanie @ Virtual


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