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Spring is the time to feel refreshed, experiment with new styles and of course introduce your closet to something other then black (goodbye winter!). We have just released our lookbook for the season, featuring some of our favourite trends for spring. Check out some key items and styles we will be wearing this spring!

Cropped Denim

Not quite a capri, cropped denim is being seen everywhere this season! A great way to switch up your denim for a warmer season and show off those cute sandals you just bought. Everything from a skinny crop, to a boot cut crop (pictured above from J Brand) is a great way to try this trend! If you don't want to invest in a new pair of jeans, you can always roll them or take them to get hemmed.


Light Knits

Winter wardrobes typically consists of chunky knits, scarves, etc. For spring, we are still seeing a lot of knits made with lighter materials such as cotton. This M Missoni dress features a lovely knit that is the perfect weight for day or night! Other brands that we carry that feature some of our favourite knits is Canadian label Line and Vince.



Did we mention how excited we are to say goodbye to black (at least for a couple weeks!)? We love how elegant and crisp an all neutral outfit can look, it doesn't have to be all white either! Play with different tones of beige or off-white to create a fresh outfit. Neutral tones look great on everyone and they almost always go together with other colours which makes accessorizing super easy!



Yes this trend had a big moment last year, but we are still feeling the culotte for the season! Now we are seeing it for all occasions, weekend shopping to date night. Pair a statement blouse with killer heels and culottes for a night out. We love how this is a different silhouette then the skinny pant we have been seeing for so long now. Our tip- invest in a pair of culottes because we predict them being around for a while!


Statement Bags

This can be interpreted as pretty much anything but your standard black shoulder bag (which we love as a go to of course). Be it a brightly coloured tote like the one pictured from Marc Cain, or the mini studded Rubie bag from Mackage. Anything that adds some uniqueness to your outfit is encouraged!


 Night Colour

While we can always appreciate a black dress be it a LBD or gorgeous gown, we feel opting for a bright colour for a big event is the perfect way to make a lasting impression. Colour can be just as flattering as black, opt for a gem coloured dress such as emerald or sapphire. If you want to really wow, this red dress from Badgley Mishka is a show stopper!

 To view our spring 2016 look book click here.


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