Dressing Day to Night

Most of us (hopefully) have a life outside of work, so how do you plan your outfit so it's office appropriate but also chic enough to wear to dinner or drinks with your girlfriends afterwards? We have some tips for you!

Choose what you want to show off.

Whats your best asset? Is it your legs or maybe your arms? Pick what you want the attention focused on, if it is your arms; wear a sleeveless tank to the office with a blazer on top. When it's time to go out, you can lose the blazer and look evening ready. 

If its your legs you want to show off, go for sky-high heels. Wear smart shoes to work then throw on your heels after and your good to go!

Rebecca Taylor Blouse


Keep makeup simple.

If you want to rock a bold cat eye or a bright red lip, go for it! But choose one or the other, if you wear a bright lip keep eye makeup toned down or simple. This way at the office you won't look overdone but going out you will still feel glam.


Lauren Conrad (left) keeps makeup simple with a touch of lipgloss and blush to go with her bold eyeliner. Naomi Watts (right) rocks a bright lip with a bit of mascara and bronzer to keep attention focused on her amazing lip colour.


Pay attention to fit and cut.

Wearing a day dress to the office is a chic way to be work ready, but that flowy number might not work for your night on the town. If you are going out right after work, try to stick to sleek cuts that accentuate the frame. For example, a black pencil skirt with a sleeveless top (blazer over it for work) is a perfect transitional outfit.

 You want to stay away from looking sloppy, whether at the office or night on the town make sure your pieces fit properly and you will be ready for anything!


Smythe Blazer


Opt for colour.

Although majority of people think "night out" and automatically think "black" (we're guilty of it too!), adding a pop of colour to your outfit will make you stand out from the crowd and also feel confident. Power colours such as royal blue, purple or red are a perfect way to transition day to night without compromising style. If your wearing a bold colour keep the silhouette simple as to not overwhelm.


Nicole Miller Dress


Have fun with accessories.

If your work has a strict dress code, don't let it stop you from adding interest to your wardrobe with accessories! Whether it's a chunky bracelet, metallic clutch or bright pumps. Having a simple outfit and playing it up with accessories is a never-fail. 

Inge & Christopher Clutch


 Keep in mind dressing at work and outside of work is important, you always want to market your personal brand wherever you go. 

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