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Today we had the pleasure of hosting Suzi Roher at our Hazelton Lanes location for the Suzi Roher & Andrews contest! The lovely winner Jenn Kennedy won an amazing scarf designed by Suzi and had the opportunity to chat with Suzi over cappuccinos and biscottis. Suzi shared stories about each scarf from her fall 2015 collection. All photos used in her line of scarves are taken by her and her husband, who also works on the designs himself along with Suzi. The scarves are Italian made and her belts are handmade in downtown Toronto. 

 Suzi came dressed in the Love Scarf, one of our favourites at Andrews! Available in a range of colours. We adore how she styled the scarf under one of her Suzi Roher chic!


 Suzi explained the concept and design of the Flashback scarf Jenn (right) won, the print is photos from a vacation a while back that they cut up and made into this cool design. 

 Hearing about each scarves inception and where the photos are from really made you feel as if you shared the memories with her. The scarf Suzi is holding features  photos from a trip to Brooklyn, New York. Her and her husband work 12+ hours perfecting the colouring, design and placement to achieve the perfect print. We also got some amazing tips on how to style a scarf from the scarf-master herself!

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