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September is to fashion what January is to society, it is the beginning of a new year full of exciting trends, designers, shows and more. Each year, magazines raise the stakes higher and higher with bigger and better covers then the previous year. A lot of them try to land the year's it-girl to grace their pages or the next up-and-coming model. It is always interesting to see the cover's come out as it sort of sets the tone for the year to come. See below some of our favourite September 2016 covers!


The cover heard around the world, Vogue's September issue featured the model of the moment : Kendall Jenner. There was quite the uproar over if Kendall was deserving of such a prestigious cover. While, the days of the classic "supermodel" might be over thanks to social media, Kendall has been on every major designer's radar for the last two years and has landed some impressive campaigns. We think Vogue is right on for choosing her as she really is this decade's version of a "supermodel"!


Alicia Vikander has had quite the year, starring in 3 major motion pictures, she has been thrusted into the spotlight. Alicia has been fashion's it-girl since this past award season (she picked up her first Oscar!). We love her sense of style, how she stays away from the "safe" choice and is always so poised, especially on this Vanity Fair cover.


Some may call this Cara Delevingne's triumphant return to fashion, she took a brief hiatus to focus on herself as well as her budding acting career. Everything about this Elle cover is stunning.. the styling, the makeup/hair, and her signature pout. Fashion wouldn't be the same without the girl who inspired eyebrows to have a comeback!


Rihanna's W cover is a work of art, her fearless futuristic queen vibe is eye-catching and such a unique shot. Unlike other covers the main focus isn't on the clothes, it is on her face which is bedazzled in jewels and gold. We think the departure from the normal cover's we see is very interesting and sure to inspire other photo shoots to come.


Last but not least, is Kimye's co-cover for Harper's Bazaar. This intimate moment was shot by the one and only Karl Lagerfeld and takes a different approach then the standard cover. There is no emphasis on fashion or even makeup for that matter, just one of the world's most talked about couple's sharing a moment together and we like how personal it feels. 



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