Andrews Edit: Met Ball Edition

Andrews Edit: Met Ball Edition
The Met Gala, otherwise known as the most fashionable night of the year, did not disappoint! The exhibition—“Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination”— is the pinnacle of luxury and drama, but the event begins on the iconic stairs of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where guests sweep up the red carpet for their grand entrance. Here is the Andrews Edit, our very own best dressed list! 
1. Zendaya (As Joan of Arc) 
Zendaya is always taking risks, and has yet to fail at pulling them off! We love her bold approach to fashion - this is a woman who isn't afraid to not look 'pretty'!  
2. Katharine McPhee in VSA (new at Andrews!) 
Imagine our excitement to see our new line on Ms. McPhee! Pick up your own met-ready jewels in-stores and online. 
3. Rihanna (As The Pope)
Can you say iconic?! 
4. Blake Lively
Flawless AF. No more needs to be said. 
5. Cardi B
Came through drip drippin'  
6. Winnie Harlow
Looking angelic 
7. Virgil Abloh
It was all about the details with this look. 
8. Cara Delevigne (FIERCE) 
9. Emilia Clarke
This makeup is our new #goals
10. The Olsen Twins
Dressed in a theme chosen as if for them
(Dis)Honorable Mentions: 
1. Katy Perry (trying but not succeeding) 
2. Madonna (We expected more! This theme was made for her!) 
3. Shailene Woodley 
Honestly... Does her stylest hate her or something? Worst dressed by far. 

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