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Posted on February 04 2019

“The impetus behind the Love Collection was that we all need to drive the energy of love — to build on developing empathy, compassion, and understanding. If we always lead with this thought at the forefront, when we meet people, knowing that everyone has their own struggles, and comes from a different background...imagine what we can build together”
“As human beings, we are made to love each other. We are born of love. Now, more than ever, I think that the pertinence of keeping the spirit of love alive in the world is of such importance.” 
Lovestruck Pendant
A delicate, imperfect heart pendant links to an ultra fine box chain.
Lovestruck Earrings
The thin, high polish slice of the earring huggies appears as a dagger from the front and an imperfect heart from the profile.
Two of Hearts
This pair of art-deco inspired hearts are bold and unique in shape. A statement look, offering depth in a high polish.


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