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Andrews Location: Bayview Village
Words I live by: “Believe - I am right-handed and wrote it with my left on my right wrist and had it tattooed. You are who you want to be. Be abstract. Create art, and in the winter you must try wearing Plaid. 😎"
Style icons I am inspired by: Valeria Lipovetsky - dressy casual, effortless unpretentious she always looks so natural. I like that she wears flats a lot (vs high heels) and lives in Toronto Canada.
Andrews brands I adore: Unbreakable - Iove the graphics. Tagliatore - if a Smythe doesn't fit you, an impeccably tailored Tagliatore blazer will. Forte Forte - light and flowy. Cambio - whether jeans or trousers they always fit perfect.
How I shine as a stylist and my fave client moment: These are one and the same. I enjoy being able to show something a little out of a clients comfort level and they go for it.
Want to get an idea of my 'style'? See below for looks by me
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