Visit our temporary locations at Bayview Village during the renovation! Learn More

Visit our temporary locations at Bayview Village during the renovation! Learn More

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Up to 40% OFF* during our Spring/Summer Sale! Shop Now

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Free domestic shipping and returns over $300



Role Specification

Are you passionate, talented, and experienced in styling Women’s Luxury Fashion? Are you a dedicated follower of the latest seasonal and timeless trends? Can we find you styling online and offline for friends, family, and clients? If so, you may be Andrews Stylist and we’d love to connect with you.

The Andrews Stylist plays an essential role with their passion for delivering our Styling USP to our clients online as well as offline. Excelling in client development and a firm believer in continuous personal development; the Andrews Stylist:

  • Keeps their skills relevant with the latest developments in the fashion industry, trends, and knowledge of Andrews clients and the brands we represent.
  • Actively seeking new ways to engage the customer via virtual channels or in-store.

The Andrews Stylist’s scope includes:

Styling, Sales, and Service

  • Excelling at client development, with an excellent eye for the visual aesthetic to deliver expert styling services through:
    • Personalized clienteling, 1-to-1 prebooked or walk-in client appointments in-store
    • Organizing and facilitating client and/or private shopping events
    • Digital channels, working with our in-house digital team to coordinate and create content
  • Delivering exceptional service through a natural desire to connect with clients and provide transformational shopping experiences.
  • The Andrews Stylist is a motivated high performer, driven to achieve personal sales and performance targets
  • Firm believer in personal development, continuously updating knowledge of the latest fashion trends, Andrew’s brand, Andrew’s vendors to maintain relevance in the industry and provide the best service to our clients

Business Operations

  • A team player that supports the broader team by actively contributing to in-store and company-wide events, promotions, and initiatives.
  • A team player that supports the organization by assisting with daily tasks in the store and ensuring self-compliance with company policies and processes.
  • Is comfortable with cross-functional collaboration, whether it is working with the in-store team or across the organization with the back office and digital teams.
  • Is digitally literate, comfortable with communicating in person or digitally via content creation

Competencies, Technical Skills, and Knowledge:

  • Clienteling and luxury retail sales techniques and skills
  • Digital Literacy (Required)
  • Highly experienced within a luxury retail sales environment
  • Inventory management
  • Event Management
  • Microsoft 365 Suite: Outlook, Teams, and SharePoint
  • Performance and metric driven high-achiever

Interested in the role? Send us your resume at