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Jenny Bird

Sila Double Ear Cuff


Sila Double Ear Cuff

Jenny Birds Sila Cuffs are crafted from 14k gold-dipped brass with a high polish finish. Organic and handformed, these cuffs are malleable and intentionally made to be opened up or squeezed tight depending on the shape of the ear.

smaller cuff

  • diameter: 0.6" / 1.5cm

  • depth: 0.2" / 5mm

  • weight: 0.11oz / 3.2

larger cuff
  • diameter: 0.7" / 2cm
  • depth: 0.15" / 4mm
  • weight: 0.07oz / 2g

Why: Wear yours stacked with a drop earring or solo.

Materials: 14K gold-dipped brass

SKU: 9000-2022