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Visit our temporary locations at Bayview Village during the renovation! Learn More

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A New Luxury Lifestyle Is Here

Caitlan Moneta -

The cat is officially out of the bag – home, artwares, and lifestyle have arrived at Andrews! With our expert curation of rare vintage artware finds as well as decadent homewares now found alongside our time-tested edit of refined fashion, we are embracing a 360-degree approach to luxury living.  

But spectacular candles, frames, vases and throws are only the tip of the interiors-focused iceberg. Embracing a more holistic approach to home means we are finding more ways to connect with our community than ever before.  

Which brings us to Sarah Walker. A wealth of knowledge in the design, style and luxury space, the in-demand Oakville-based interior designer and founder of The Curated House is the perfect partner to help us ring in this new chapter.  

Sharing many of the same core values, she sets herself apart with a contemporary vision for the modern home with wellness and sustainability firmly in her crosshairs. Like Sarah, we believe that at the heart of luxury, lies “ease, simplicity, grace and effortlessness.” 

We are kicking off our collaboration by inviting you into her stunning home to discover the inspiration behind her impeccable designs and see how she styles the treasures from our store with her signature sophisticated touch. Read on for a joyful peek into her world. 

Why are you excited about partnering with Andrews? 

We both serve a luxury client who is looking to express themselves. They are looking to tell the unique story of who they are with their fashion choices as well as in their homes. I think it’s a brilliant partnership.  

How does your love of fashion influence your interiors? 

Similar principles come into play. I’m always looking for that sweet spot of juxtaposition between vintage and modern, or soft and hard, or feminine and masculine. That is how things become more dynamic, more interesting and more compelling.  

What are some of your favourite pieces in your closet. Why do you love them? 

I’m on a mission to prioritize natural fibers. Summer is all about linen and cotton. Winter sees me in silks, merino wools, alpaca, and cashmere. I want to live in natural fibers because they make me happy and they’re better for the planet.  

1960s Peru Vase by Mari Simmulson for Upsala-Ekeby. ​​Available in-store at Andrews Oakville only. 
1960s Bertoncello - Screziato Tabacco Glaze Double Chimney Vase. ​​Available in-store at Andrews Oakville only.

What were 3 key moments that helped hone your sense of style? 

It all comes back to travel. My first trip to Paris opened my eyes to the importance of detail. I always say details are a love language and you see that in Paris. When I was a teenager, I spent 2 summers in South America. That experience opened my eyes to the importance of global influences on storytelling. Discovering London’s fashion, architecture and interiors was another important influence. They mix brilliantly.  

How do you recommend styling vintage art treasures in a modern home? 

It’s about creating juxtaposition, balance and repetition. In today’s shoot for example, we pitted cognac coloured pieces against antique leather books and they play so nicely together. It ultimately comes down to a little bit of art, a little bit of storytelling and a lot of personality. 

Sustainability is here to stay. How do you incorporate eco-friendly choices in your work? 

I’ve developed a philosophy that for something to be truly beautiful, it should be healthy for the planet, healthy for the people making it and healthy for the people living with it. Making change can be overwhelming so embrace the mindset of progress over perfection. Ask questions and learn how your products are made. How am I impacting people and the planet with the choices I’m making? Think not just about how to make your home look beautiful but how to make it beautiful from the inside out. That to me is true sustainable thinking because we’re doing it once, we’re doing it well, and we’re doing it beautifully.  


What does true luxury mean to you? 

The foundation of luxury is feeling great. That’s why a non-toxic perspective on design is incredibly important to me. The next layer is personal expression – telling your unique story. What makes you feel safe? What makes you feel comforted? What makes you feel most alive? That is bespoke, individual to who you are and that’s what makes it so profound. I also believe in building luxury into our everyday rhythms. Not having to think where that small appliance goes in the kitchen or having a place for everything in your bathroom. It’s about ease, effortlessness, and graciousness.  

You’re known for using elegant neutrals. Why do you prefer that palette? Is there a place for high colour in your designs? 

I really allow my clients to take the lead. It’s important to me that I’m telling their story. As it happens, a lot of people feel more comfortable in neutrals and making investments in larger pieces that will last a long time. So, is there room for colour? Absolutely! If highly saturated colour is how they express themselves in their closet, that is how they should express themselves in their homes too.  

What small daily indulgences are the most meaningful to you? 

Quality time with my family, a really good cup of coffee, an Epsom salt bath and time to read, reflect, meditate and pray. It’s all about time to be grounded.  

1980s Dorothy Hafner for Rosenthal, Flash Series, Postmodern Memphis Era Iconic Tea Set.
Available in-store at Andrews Oakville only. ​​

You’re an avid traveler. What are some of your can’t miss destinations for design inspiration? 

I love San Francisco – the design scene there is great. I love L.A. too, it’s got it’s own thing going on, but I love that influence. And the south of France is most definitely worthy of exploration. 

We are a product of our environment. How does Oakville’s natural beauty and bustling charm make its way into your work? 

There’s a level of sophistication in Oakville that is matched with its ease of lifestyle – from shopping on the Lakeshore to fabulous dinners out, amazing activities for families, and beautiful walks by the lake. All of these elements work together to make our town incredibly unique. I’m very grateful to call Oakville home and to work with clients who are marrying the sophistication of the city with the ease and abundance of beauty that Oakville offers.  

1950s Gunnar Nylund for Rorstrand, Blue Sculpted Chamotte 'Hedgehog' Vase. Available in-store at Andrews Oakville only. ​​

The exclusive artware pieces featured in this story are available for purchase in-store only at Andrews Oakville. Please contact Store Manager Sue Kupka, at, to schedule an in-person viewing or for more information.