What does it mean if an item is only available for presale?

When an item is only available for presale, it means that we are allowing our clients to purchase the item before we have received the merchandise. It is very exclusive and allows you to purchase the piece before it hits the store!

If I purchase an item on presale, how long do I have to wait to receive the item?

For presale items, you should allow 4-5 weeks before receiving your order. Once we receive the merchandise, we will send your order to you. Fabulous fashion is always worth the wait!

Can I purchase a presale item in the same order as regular items?

Yes, you can absolutely purchase presale items with regular items in the same order.

If I order regular items with presale items, when will I receive my regular items? Will they be shipped together or separately?

Regular items and presale items will be shipped separately. For regular items, we allow 1-2 business days for processing and then 1-3 business days for shipping within Ontario, 2-7 business days within other Canadian provinces and the US. Your presale items will ship to you once the merchandise arrives. You should allow for 4-5 weeks before receiving your presale items.

Can I still select curb-side or in-store pick up if I order a presale item?

Absolutely! When we receive the merchandise, we will send your order to the location of your choosing. Once the store is ready for you to come and pick up your order, they will call you to confirm the arrival of your order.

Will I get a notification about how long the wait will be?

Our Virtual Stylist will reach out to you once you have placed your order for a presale item. She will confirm with you that the wait will be 4-5 weeks before you receive your order.

Do I have to pay for a presale item?

Yes, you do have to pay for a presale item. This is the only way we can reserve the item for you.

Can I purchase presale items while in store?

At this time, presale items are only available to purchase through our online store.

Can I cancel a presale item? If so, how do I do that?

Yes, should you decide to cancel your order for a presale item, we can absolutely do that for you. We simply ask that you send your request in an email to info@andrewsco.com.

Can I return a presale item if it does not work for me?

Yes, you can return a pre-sale item. You will have 14 days from date of delivery for a full refund.

Can I return a presale item in store, rather than shipping it back?

Yes, you can return a presale item in store. Be sure to have your confirmation email, ID and original form of payment handy.

*If you have any additional questions about your presale order or placing a presale order, feel free to reach out to our Virtual Stylist at info@andrewsco.com, they will be more than happy to assist you.*

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