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How much does it cost to use the virtual styling and personal shopping services? It is completely complimentary! Providing personalized inspiration and guidance for your wardrobe, styling and shopping needs is what we do.

If I want virtual styling or shopping help, do I have to jump on a video call on Zoom or Facetime? Absolutely not! Our Virtual Stylists are happy to tailor this service to your preferences. Discussion can be over the phone, text, email, Facetime or Zoom, or meeting in store can be arranged.

Do I have to shop in order to use this service? No you do not, whether it’s virtual or in-store, our styling service allows us to help you find styling solutions for newly purchased pieces in your wardrobe.

What information do I have to give you? To draw on the pieces which will flatter, enhance and compliment your style, figure and lifestyle, we would typically look to understand your current style, sizing, things you love, things you hate etc. These topics are typically covered during a 30-minute consultation before the styling appointment takes place.

How long does ‘Virtual Styling’, ‘Personal Shopping’ or In-Store appointment take? We typically allow 30 minutes for a phone or video conference consultation and 1 hour for your shopping session.

How are you going to be able to know what pieces to pick for me in a Virtual Styling appointment? Our Virtual Stylist will ask you to kindly complete a style profile and the phone consultation prior to the styling session also helps us to get to know you better.

Can I place my order myself? Absolutely! We can process your order however you feel most comfortable. We offer a ‘fuss free’ transaction, just in case you need assistance placing the order online.

What is a fuss free transaction? After we’ve narrowed down what pieces you would like to purchase during a virtual appointment, our Virtual Stylists will put together an order for you with the pieces you would like to go ahead with. Then we will simply email you the invoice, where you can complete your purchase at your leisure.

I love working with my in-store stylist, is there a way she can help me with a Virtual Styling appointment? Absolutely! If you let me know who you usually work with, One of our Virtual Stylists can reach out to them and arrange the setting up of an appointment. Alternatively, you can book an appointment through the Styling Services section of the website.

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