Frank & Eileen

Each Frank & Eileen piece is meticulously crafted. Each woven shirt silhouette is carefully tailored to create an unparalleled classic relaxed California fit. Each Italian fabric is expertly woven by a renowned family-owned, centuries-old, textile mill. Each knit is thoughtfully designed for the ultimate fit and styling – a deep over-sized hood for a pleasing comfort, rose-gold hardware, fitted sleeves for a perfect fit under your favorite moto jacket, fresh color palettes and raw hems reminiscent of the California landscape, and head-to-toe tonal layering looks developed for an effortless aesthetic. The brand’s most popular fit is the “Barry” a simple white, and crinkled poplin that is just fresh. Over the years Frank and Eileen continued to introduce more styles like the laid back “Eileen”, and the “Grayson” a fit borrowed from the boys with a longer shirttail.

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