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Visit our temporary locations at Bayview Village during the renovation! Learn More

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At Home With: Tanya Tessier

Stephanie Kinsman -

This season we are highlighting trailblazers within our Andrews network. In celebrating the arrival of our Lookbook, we wanted to shine a light on the visionary behind the studio, Tanya Tessier. While shooting our spring Lookbook, our team fell in love with the Mararamiro studio. The perfectly sunlit space, filled with home décor from around the world provided the perfect backdrop for bringing our spring vision to life. Despite the challenges of starting a business during a pandemic, Tessier has managed to create an incredible space you want to live in and that artists want to create in.

Stephanie: You really have created such a unique business, what inspired you?

Tanya: I visited The Apartment in Copenhagen and was instantly inspired by the concept of a shoppable private residence. In Toronto I noticed brands were craving elevated and aspirational spaces as a backdrop for creative content.

I’ve worked in mass market apparel and home décor design for many years but as time went on, I felt that my contribution to fast fashion was contradicting my personal values. I still loved décor and design, but I wanted to do something that was authentic to my way of living and that led to the birth of Mararamiro Home + Studio. Mararamiro, is a Shona word that translates to “our way of living.” With most of us redefining what our homes mean to us; I wanted to embrace the concept of slow living and bring hand-crafted pieces to Toronto.

S: What is the piece in your studio that you are currently obsessed with?

T: There’s a special place in my heart for the Moroccan rugs, particularly a custom-made Beni Mrirt design, with the best burnt orange and ochre ombré pattern.

The Senufo stools are another favourite as they are hand carved from a single block of teak wood and make for great little side tables.

S: What do you love most about your neighbourhood?

T: I have always lived in the west end of Toronto, but I opened my studio in Leslieville, so I’m having a lot of fun discovering my new neighbourhood. So far, my go-tos are Nutbar for yummy plant-based treats, Brick Street Bakery and Fresh where I order from far more frequently than I like to admit.

S: What are your go-to pieces in your wardrobe?

T: I’ve given more closet real estate to loungewear, but when I do need to step it up, I love oversized shirts and pairing them with high wasted denim or cargo pants.

S: What is your favourite interior design style?

T: I can’t get enough of the simplicity of Danish interiors. I particularly love a combination of vintage and new, accented with interesting items found while travelling.

S: Who is your favourite artist?

T: I’m currently obsessed with Malene Knudsen, a ceramic and sculpture designer from Copenhagen. Her ceramic vases are so beautiful, I’d love to carry them in the shop one day.

Tessier wearing Fabiana Filippi and Biko

S: What’s your advice to someone who is looking to update the interiors of their home?

T: Take your time and place value on well crafted pieces. Have an appreciation for the items you are choosing for your home. Sometimes people are very quick to jump on trends and try to furnish entire rooms all at once but it’s important to find pieces that connect with you. You want your space to have character and tell the story of your way of living.

Be practical through all of this and consider form and function as well. I’ve learned tricks along the way where mixing in just one or two special pieces can really elevate an entire room of more basic items.

There’s a joy in discovering something special that will have a deeper meaning and be something you treasure for a long time.

Tessier wearing Rails and Jenny Bird with dog Evie

Discover your own way of living and explore the unique pieces of Mararamiro Home + Studio.



Article by Stephanie @ Virtual