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Night Moves

The lost art of dressing up has finally made its triumphant return. From tough-to-nab restaurant reservations to buzzy gallery openings, the desire to see and be seen is back in a big way.  

But post–pandemic style has shifted the collective eye – effortlessness rules the day. Too tight, restrictive, and contrived silhouettes have given way to languid, lounge-inspired pieces.  

Fabiana Filippi, in typical Italian fashion, nails the intersection of comfort and cool with her elevated Fall collection. Known for crafting instant classics, her aesthetic is perfectly suited to a season in which going out and casual glamour go hand in hand. 

The robe coat is a prime example. If there’s a single piece that speaks to our current commitment to the combination of practicality and directional design, it’s this cinched number. The elegant silhouette is made all the more covetable thanks to its soft hand and rich neutral colour. Generous lapels and roomy sleeves give way to lots of layering. A slim sweater, this one with a stunning diamond stitch, and dark onyx denim make for an unbeatable match.

Black is always chic when it comes to after-dark dressing. And therein lies the key to peppering in more casual details like drawstrings and sport coats – maintain a monochromatic palette. It immediately gives a sense of thoughtfulness to the outfit, no matter if it’s an LBD or a wide-leg wool jogger and glossy Herno puffer. 

When the lights go down, but a chill hangs in the air, sweaters and coats become the stars of a stylish outfit. Start with a stunning piece of outerwear, like this slouchy maxi coat. The length alone is enough to make a statement, but an inky navy-blue hue really seals the deal. Then add textural elements like an intricately woven ombre sweater with a lurex detail that is sure to catch the candlelight. Anchor the final look with Citizens of Humanity’s new ground-grazing denim. 

Finally, consider reinvesting in the classics. Sure, they can see you through a day at the office, but a white collared shirt, tailored trouser and knubby knit can be exciting for evening too. It’s the very juxtaposition of sharp and soft that really makes the outfit feel polished. Pop on a cape to cap off your evening with style and grace. 

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