Proportion Play

There’s a shift afoot in the world of style. Once ubiquitous shapes are falling by the wayside, as sensational new silhouettes find firm footing. The trend, fueled by our desire for escapism, has us returning to our closets to for the fantasy that fashion brings. 

Nowhere is this more apparent than with the bold proportions found in roomier pants and exaggerated tops. Together, they usher in a volume that feels fresh for fashion-hungry eyes.  

Treat your own wardrobe to a dose of what’s new with unexpected pairings like chunky sweaters and cropped culottes, strong-shouldered shirts and kicky flares and jet-puffed blouses and bootcut denim. 

The New Top

Turn up the volume with fresh takes on closet classics. Traditional shirting gets a directional twist with airy cuts at Rails, puff sleeves at Smythe and razor-sharp shoulders at Fabiana Filippi. Casual styles aren’t immune either – BA&SH and Nation bring laid-back looks up to date with thoughtful ruching and sweet smocking.

The Pivotal Pant

The most modern wardrobes are moving away from second skin silhouettes. Smythe, Fabiana Filippi, Seduction and Greta Constantine lead the charge with a variety of wide-leg trousers. From nautical culottes to evening-ready options, pants abound for any event on the calendar. Denim is following suit too. Bootcut, flare and wider styles from Frame and AG are the antidote to staid styles. 

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