Retro Revival

This season serves up a blast from the past with nods to decadent decades of yore. But don't blow the dust off your vintage treasures just yet. While it's true that fashion is cyclical, it doesn’t always adhere to the strict style codes of yesteryear. Fashion’s evolution, while rooted in the past, has a way of borrowing influences but making it feel fresh, forward, and modern. 

There’s been a zeroing in on two decades in particular – the swinging 60s and the groovy 70s have once again found firm footing. And it’s not hard to see why their popularity has swelled. Standout silhouettes, luxurious textures, and a celebration of all things glamorous have earned them a place among 2022’s top trends. 

For day, denim plays a starring role. On-the-pulse brands like Frame and Citizens of Humanity are ushering in the return of the bootcut with everything from micro flares to full-on volume. Palazzo-style wide legs are also back in the mix and perfectly paired with the season’s sophisticated puff sleeves courtesy of Nation and sweet itty-bitty florals by Apiece Apart.  

Dialing up the decadence is essential when embracing a bygone era. This is where sumptuous fabrics like chocolate brown velvet and knubby wool knits enter the picture. They add depth and drama to even the simplest of daytime looks. 

Patterns are equally important. Look for statement-making styles featuring pop art florals and mod abstracts, like the ones that adorn Smythe and Autumn Cashmere’s turtlenecks. Plaids take the vintage-inspired aesthetic even further – reference the 60s in bold black and white or channel the 70s in camel-flecked checks. 

When night falls, highly tactile textures, shiny finishes, and striking silhouettes are guaranteed to make a grand entrance. 

Velvet and shearling, hallmarks of 70s style, are reimagined with an eye to effortless elegance. Fall for the subtle shimmer of Frame’s coated jeans and high-octane satin shirts, Smythe’s copper topper or Equipment’s classic silk shirt. And all eyes will be on you when you slip into classic retro shapes like Smythe’s bow blouse and sculpted frock coat, and Citizens of Humanity’s leg-lengthening flares.

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