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The Scandinavian Style Guide

Caitlan Moneta -

Copenhagen Fashion Week has become a can’t miss stop on the fashion circuit. Showcasing the best in Scandinavian style, the labels leading the charge are moving beyond minimalism to dazzle with ever-more-innovative ideas. 

From statement-making silhouettes to strides in sustainability, tap into the sophistication and effortlessness that has us hooked. Discover the best from Munthe, Stine Goya, Sofie Schnoor and more. 


With a strict stance on sustainability, designer Naja Munthe’s attention to low-impact initiatives never dulls her design sensibility. There is no better example than the covetable abstract colour arrangements, wildflower strewn prints (inspired by Scandinavian blooms) and saturated stripes that dominate spring’s selection. Each playful piece fulfills founder Naja Munthe’s aim to “unleash the power and potential of women.”

Stine Goya

“We believe in the power of colour and print,” says Danish designer Stine Goya. “We want to give our customers the opportunity to express their true character through timeless, wearable and unique designs.” This season’s watercolour sequin set, dazzling silver duo and hand-painted prints are not only works of art, but a true testament to her fearless approach to fashion.

Ilse Jacobsen

For designer Ilse Jacobsen, style inspiration struck in the scenic surroundings of her hometown, Hornbæk, Denmark. Now 30 years later, the idyllic seaside resort known for its unique forests and raw beaches continues to inform her collection of refined rainwear and functional, yet fashionable, footwear. Quilted coats, iridescent slickers and perforated sneakers take the top spots on our wish lists. 

Sofie Schnoor

Inspired by her childhood spent in her family’s retail stores, Sofie Schnoor honed her love of art and creativity from an early age. Now with a line of her own, she brings a youthful, optimistic approach to her designs. With a flounce here and a frill there, she is best known for transforming classic silhouettes with modern updates.