Enjoy up to 40% OFF* during our Renovation Sale! Shop Now

Enjoy up to 40% OFF* during our Renovation Sale! Shop Now

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Free domestic shipping and returns over $300



Come together for Spring in Bloom! Join us in supporting University Health Network’s mission to change the scope of healthcare. As Canada’s top research hospital and the world’s number one publicly-funded hospital, UHN offers specialized medical care by adopting new technologies, accelerated research projects, and innovative surgical techniques. 

From April 18 to 21, shop online and in-store to enjoy $100* OFF a purchase of $500 or more. Andrews has partnered with UHN Foundation for this event, with 5% of sales donated to the organization. 

We sat down with UHN Foundation’s CEO Julie Quenneville at our Yorkville Village location to talk about the organization’s life-changing impact on communities, donors as a driving force for change, and the importance of this partnership with Andrews.


What impact do you hope to have through this partnership with Andrews?  

We hope that through this partnership, we can raise awareness of the leadership role that UHN plays in transforming healthcare, and the role that the community plays in our achievements. Andrews has been an important part of our community for a very long time and we are extremely excited to be able to work together and share these incredible stories with our community and help build some excitement and pride in what the Toronto community has built. Andrews is helping us share the messages and stories and inspire others to get involved and be UHNITED with us.

Spring symbolizes growth and transformation. How does this partnership align with the season?  

Transformation IS our mission. Every day, UHN Foundation raises funds to help the amazing teams at UHN push the status quo of healthcare—not only for the communities we serve but for the world. Because of donor support, we can innovate and accelerate change in a publicly funded healthcare model. Together with Andrews, we are sowing the seeds for a brighter future. This collaboration will bring meaningful results to help us transform lives and make positive change.  

What's UHN Foundation’s mission? How does the organization serve the community?  

UHN Foundation's mission is to change the status quo of healthcare through raising funds to support University Health Network. UHN is home to the #1 hospital in Canada and the #1 publicly funded hospital in the world. Our fundraising efforts play a vital role in enhancing patient outcomes, accelerating medical breakthroughs, and improving the overall quality of healthcare for individuals and families. Donors are our partners in this mission, and it is thanks to their support we are able to invest in the latest state-of-the-art technology, fund ground-breaking research, provide exceptional patient care, and foster the development of the next generation of healthcare leaders.  

How has your career journey shaped your commitment to making change? What drives you?  

My entire career has been one of public service and making a difference in the world. I started my career in journalism, moved into politics and civil service, and eventually philanthropy. What ties these careers together is my passion for community involvement, engagement, and change. We have a responsibility to take care of the community we live in, and philanthropy is the most powerful way to do it. I'm driven by the belief that everyone deserves quality care and a healthy life, regardless of their circumstances, and by the belief that through research and innovation, we can change the status quo of healthcare and build a healthier world.  

UHN Foundation fundraises for many initiatives across UHN’s hospitals. Where are you hoping to have the largest impact this year?  

Our focus at UHN Foundation remains the same: providing excellent care for our patients, advancing healthcare innovation, driving medical research, and increasing awareness for the importance of philanthropy. We are committed to promoting health equity and ensuring access to high-quality care for all members of our community. One of the projects that I am most excited about is the new state-of-the-art patient tower being built at UHN’s Toronto Western campus. The tower will completely transform the patient and family experience, putting their needs first—all while allowing the surgical innovation that UHN is known for to continue flourishing.  

As a successful woman driving meaningful change, what would you like to share with our community about empowerment, confidence, and self-expression?  

Feeling good and confident is extremely important when leading and driving change. When I started in my career, all I had were black, grey and navy blue pant suits. I was trying to blend into a room filled with men. In time, I realized that when I wear beautiful clothes that I feel comfortable in, it gives me great confidence. Having that confidence helps to build resilience and helps me be my best self. To me, empowerment means recognizing our strengths and potential, confidence means embracing challenges as learning opportunities, and self-expression means connecting authentically with others.