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I Miss You Vintage X Andrews

Stephanie Kinsman -

We’ve had the privilege to talk to trailblazers within our Andrews community over this past year and it has been nothing but inspiring to hear from them and learn all about the passion they bring to their work. Today we get to hear from vintage connoisseur, fashionista and owner of the Toronto fixture, I Miss You Vintage, Julie Yoo. We were so excited to sit down with Julie and collaborate with her by creating looks that marry standout Andrews pieces from all the brands you love, with incredibly unique and special vintage accessories from I Miss You Vintage. Julie shares with us how her business began, tips to infuse vintage pieces into your style, and what to look for during your next visit to a vintage shop.

Stephanie: How did you come to love vintage clothing and how did you decide to start buying and selling?  

Julie: Well, it was a little bit by accident. I’ve always loved clothes, shopping and history. So, I started out thrifting, finding things at thrift stores and creating outfits from those finds. Then I started accumulating a lot of things that I would find. I had a whole separate career in the art museum world leading up to that, so eventually the hobby turned into me selling a lot of pieces online or at shows. I was doing well with it and getting a lot of good reception. So, from there I decided to quit everything I went to school for and my career at the time. I gave it a try and here we are sixteen years later! 

S: When you were just starting out, was there a find that you remember thinking this is such an incredibly special piece? 

J: I think anything museum worthy vintage. At the time you could find a 1957 Dior gown at a thrift store. Which doesn’t happen anymore because it’s a different market right now. But that kind of a find was always exciting back then because you could sell it to a museum. 

S: Can you tell me a little bit about how you landed on the name I Miss You Vintage? 

J: I think because we were originally selling historical era specific garments, the ‘I Miss You’ is more of a sentimental nod to castaways of a bygone era. But of course, it’s relevant today too with contemporary clothes and we love to rehome things to a new buyer. 

S: What do you look for in a vintage piece as a seller? 

J: We’re a label-based business, so obviously we’re looking to see if the label fits in the set of brands that we’re accepting. Then we look at if it’s on trend, is it within the last few years, is it desirable for somebody else to want to purchase and put into their wardrobe. And then if so, we look at the condition because of course everything is preowned but sometimes we have to make sure everything is in tip top shape.

S: What are the top brands that you look for? 

J: The popular brands at the shop are the high luxury brands. So, Chanel, Hermes, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, other runway brands such as Prada or even Brunello Cucinelli. 

S: Do you have any advice for vintage buyers? What should they look for in a piece? 

J: I think first look at condition. Make sure that you’re buying from a reputable source so that authenticity is not a barrier and that they’ve done their due diligence as a company. And for those who aren’t looking to do a head-to-toe preowned outfit, if it’s their first step into it, maybe start with an accessory. A handbag is a great thing to invest in. 

S: What’s your advice to someone looking to infuse vintage with new? 

J: Of course, starting with accessories is a great way to dip your toe in. But sometimes you can find a really great jacket and just because it’s preowned doesn’t always mean it’s worn. Sometimes pieces come in brand new with tags so you can really score a great find. 

S: How can beautiful, timeless vintage pieces become an essential part of a person’s wardrobe?  

J: I think when you’re buying something preowned for your wardrobe, you want to look for classics. On-trend items are great, but you’re usually done with it after a season, so you’re not getting the longevity you would get from a classic piece. If you’re investing in a classic trench coat or a crossbody bag, they’re great as investment pieces and as staples in your wardrobe. Longevity is so important. 

S: Can vintage pieces become an expression of someone's personality? 

J: Sure, definitely! You know, there’s a lot of great shops and you can make a day of vintage shop hopping and see what you find. It’s sort of the thrill of the find. It’s easy to go into a store and buy what’s current that season, but it’s even more interesting to curate your outfit by searching through unique, one-of-a-kind vintage stores to create your look. As a business owner and working in retail, it’s interesting. You get a piece in, and it looks a certain way on a hanger. But someone comes in, tries it on and you can see the piece is meant for them because they look fantastic! That’s really the joy of it! 

S: How would you describe your personal style? 

J: My personal style is exceptionally clean and minimalistic. I love wearing contemporary items. I am a lover of fashion, so I do follow what’s current. I’ve always loved Japanese avant-garde brands such as, Sacai, Yohji Yamamoto and Comme Des Garcons. For me, fashion is kind of like art to wear, so it’s interesting to me to be able to wear something that is truly wearable art. 

S: What are your go-to pieces in your wardrobe and why? 

J: I’m notorious for wearing all black, it makes things easy to match. When we were in lockdown, I was trying to experiment a lot because I didn’t have to go into work as much. I wear basic silhouettes. For me, I like things that are more form-fitting or even sometimes an oversized contemporary piece. I also often gravitate towards a nice big, oversized sweater and classic jeans.

S: Do you have a favourite designer? What about their pieces inspires you? 

J: I like a lot of Balenciaga, it’s very contemporary. I either like really contemporary or historical vintage clothing. It’s really the romanticism of those historical pieces that inspires me. If you think back on the 30s or even the disco 70s, it’s such fun fashion. It’s translated a bit into current brands like Gucci, but who doesn’t want to wear a sequin jumpsuit. 

S: How would you define your neighbourhood in the form of a look? 

J: I would say there’s quite a difference between daytime and nighttime. Daytime - it’s a very arty vibe, going out for coffee kind of feel. I think it would be a really fun dress, with a little crossbody bag and some fun contemporary sneakers. During the evening it’s really bustling and it’s a whole different scene with the bars and the restaurants. So, I would still say a dress but it’s more form-fitting, with a fabulous clutch and a great block heel.  

S: What are your favourite things about your neighbourhood in Toronto? 

J: Being here for sixteen years, things have changed quite a bit. You see things come and go but there are some staples that have been here for quite a while. There are some great coffee shops, restaurants, spots to pop-in for lunch. And now that the patios are set up, it’s quite vibrant in the summertime. I think it should be like this all the time.

If you’re looking to bring a little vintage flare to your style and wardrobe, we highly recommend you go visit Julie and her team at I Miss You Vintage here in Toronto. In the meantime, be sure to check out our curated collection fusing vibrant Andrews pieces with the luxe accessories of I Miss You Vintage. 

Looks by: Julie @ I Miss You Vintage and Stephanie @ Virtual 

Article by: Stephanie @ Virtual