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Lounging Glamorously with Marlowe Granados

Stephanie Kinsman -

Loungewear has become a huge staple in all our wardrobes over the last year. So, it’s safe to say that we’re craving a hint of glamour right about now. Writer and filmmaker Marlowe Granados is known for her wit and penchant for glamour, traits that shine through in her personal style. Using some of our favourite new arrivals, Granados shows us how to infuse glamour into our loungewear, to ensure you will be lounging in style this spring.

Sweatpants and hoodies aren’t the only way to lounge. A fabulous, printed dress is an incredible way to achieve a look that feels unique and free flowing while being at home. Wearing this Xirena dress, Granados shows us how we can be flirtatiously vibrant, but still comfortable enough to put your feet up.

The best way to add a hint of glamour? Accessories. Dressing up for yourself is more fun when you add shoes, jewelry or in this case sunglasses! Just like that, Granados has taken an eyelet sleeve shirt dress from Hana San and made it a dazzling outfit fit for enjoying a cocktail.

If you’re still loving your cozy joggers but want to polish your lounging look, the cardigan brings a more elegant feel to a classic way of loungewear. Granados effortlessly wears our matching Velvet joggers and cardigan to create a look worthy of elevated lounge living.

Looking to bring some glamour to your loungewear wardrobe? Book an appointment with Stephanie, our virtual stylist.

Looks by Marlowe Granados

Article by Stephanie @ Virtual