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Neighbourhood Feature: Yorkville

Stephanie Kinsman -

Imagine a place where you can see an eclectic mixture of the old and new, where Bohemian meets high-end. As you walk down the street, you see ladies at lunch on the left while a young girl in vintage fur and oversized jewelry hurriedly runs down the street on the right. Art galleries pepper the street and towering skyscrapers nearly block out the skyline, casting shadows on the historical buildings that still host thriving restaurants and stores. As you look around, you can tell there’s something different about this place. You’ve just entered Yorkville. 


In the 70s, Yorkville became a mecca for high-end shopping. Homes were converted into boutiques, and brands like Hermes, Prada, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Cartier eventually settled in. Luxury hotels soon followed, making Yorkville one of the most premier shopping locations in the world. Today, Yorkville is considered one of the best places to live in the entire world. It’s even where we call home for one of our three Andrews locations, and it’s easy to see why when one simply looks around. 

Ingram Gallery 

Located in one of the original Yorkville Brownstones, the Ingram Gallery showcases both historical and contemporary art marking in Canada. While the first floor is ever-changing and lively, the second floor’s more laid back vibe goes hand in hand with the historical works its showcases, primarily historical Canadian art and works of literature. 

ONE Restaurant 

ONE Restaurant is a must-dine spot, located at the Hazelton Hotel, an iconic pillar of the Yorkville neighbourhood. Just simply walking by, you’re immediately drawn in by the intoxicating aromas and treen lined, candle lit patio. 

Street Style 

There is no one specific street style that defines Yorkville. Instead, visitors will find an eclectic blend of high-end and vintage, new wave and bohemian. On any given day you can see someone decked out in nothing but designer labels while her lunch date is wearing a vintage jumpsuit. 

As we head into fall, you’ll notice mixes of texture and nods to the 1970s with bold pops of colour in short sleeve collared sweaters, like this Angora-Blend Short Sleeve Polo Sweater by Roberto Collina. Mixing a vintage vibe with anything from wide leg jean to modern leather pants, achieving visual interest and effortlessly put together style, making you the belle of Yorkville. 

In Yorkville, street style is all about the accessories! You can’t walk around this fashion forward hub without the perfect bag, shoes and sunglassesOne of our favourite combos for fall, is the Fair Isle Alpaca-Blend Crewneck Sweater by Roberto Collina sweater and Spello Wool Pleated Trouser by Fabiana FilippiTo ensure you’re making the right statement while walking the streets of Yorkville, we suggest our Pull-On Leather Ankle Boots by Fabiana Filippi to add a touch of edge to your look with the ever-trending lug boot. Finish the look with sleek and sophisticated sunglasses and bring a shot of colour contrast through your favourite statement handbag. 

With its rich history, one-of-a-kind architecture and enviable street style, there’s something for everyone in Yorkville. Whether you decide to spend a weekend shopping at Andrews and eating at one of the many must-visit restaurants, or just want to people watch for a few hours on a Sunday with coffee in hand, you’re sure to feel inspired by the different styles of people passing by.