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In Profile - Leslie Strong

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Leslie Strong is the author of The YOU Factor: A Handbook for Powerful Living. A celebrated leadership development coach, Leslie is also the co-founder and CEO of The Sandboxx, an organization helping companies accelerate leadership, engagement and inclusion. When she’s not writing, guest speaking or coaching, Leslie loves to explore the bounds of fashion. Does she dress for her mood? Absolutely! We caught up with Leslie to discuss all things lifestyle, wellness and fashion.


Describe your morning routine.

When my alarm goes off, I usually press snooze about three times, because I hate early morn-ings. Then I get up because I have children. I have a 16-year old daughter who needs to get to school and eat breakfast. Once that’s all done, I get myself a coffee and think about how my day is going to go.


What does power dressing mean to you?

Every outfit that I wear is a power move. I’ve written a book called The You Factor, that de-tails how women can reclaim their power. And I look at clothing and what I’m going to wear as a power move. Whom am I seeing that day? What do I want to represent? How do I want to present myself? Some days it’s even “who do I want to be today?” Some days, if I’m going to see a client, I’m going to be uber smart, uber charming and I will dress accordingly to who I want to be that day, where I’m going and how I want to feel.


Do you dress depending on your mood?

100%! Doesn’t everybody? Yes, some days when I’m in more of an introspective mood I’ll be in cozy clothes. Some days when I’m in a playful mood I’ll be in jeans and a tee. Some days when I feel like being a bit of a queen, I’ll dress more like a queen. I absolutely dress for my mood.


Describe the perfect Friday night.

My perfect Friday night is very dependent on whom I’m with. If I’m with girlfriends, it’s hang-ing out at a bar sipping wine, talking, solving the world’s problems and laughing – being ourselves. Followed by a bite and maybe even dancing! If my Friday night involves snuggling up on my couch with my two girls, in front of the fireplace watching a movie, then that’s also an amazing Friday night for me.




Tell me about your book.

The You Factor is a book I wrote about wom-en to help them reclaim their personal power. What I see in our patriarchal society is wom-en seeing themselves as undervalued. We’re not seen, heard or valued – especially in the workplace. Sometimes even at home. I wrote the book to give women some tools to get that power back and to reclaim their value. Reclaim who they are. Their authenticity. Women are valuable, powerful and gorgeous.


Describe your fashion sense.

My fashion sense leans toward more modern – if anything. I prefer new fashion and new trends, although I still always have an essence of jeans and a tee type girl. I like to pair classics with modern pieces.


What does wellness mean you?

For me, it’s about a mind, body and soul con-nection. From working out to eating healthy to looking great in my mind to feeling comfortable in my skin. Feeling powerful – this comes from feeling comfortable in my skin. A healthy mind. Mind, body and spirit in alignment.


Tell us about your relationship with Andrews.

Andrews is my go-to store. They have staff who knows how to put me in clothes. All I do is walk in, stand in a change room and they dress me. I always come out with some pieces that push my comfort zone. And I love every-thing. They select things that I’d never pick, and I get to take on a different me. In the end, I always love how I feel. Andrews is the only store who does this.