Kerri Rosenthal

There is an overwhelming feeling of pure joy that people get when they step inside the world of Kerri Rosenthal— a fresh, new and slightly unpredictable Home and Wearables lifestyle brand. Everything Kerri makes is completely inspired by and derives from her original artwork. Kerri is an award-winning interior designer, artist, and stylist. Her clothing line is truly wearable art. Original, authentic and perfectly imperfect, Kerri’s art + lifestyle collection allows others to share the happiness and sunshine that Kerri brings to her own world. Her colorful and iconic “Drippy Heart” series defined her unforgettable style that is distinctly and unmistakably, Kerri Rosenthal. The philosophy at Kerri Rosenthal is simple, “We make people happy by making stuff that makes us happy.” This along with Kerri’s contagious energy and love of color, design and style is at the heart of all that she creates. Her original art ignites an unforgettable sense of individuality, warmth, and personality that then transforms into an entire lifestyle that people can’t seem to get enough of.
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