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Andrews Location: Sherway Gardens
Words I live by: “Smile, it's the best accessory you can wear!”
“A simple act of kindness goes a long way!” “Fashion may fade but true style endures from within!”
Style icon I am inspired by: My biggest style icon growing up was actually my mother. Always so coordinated, classy, fun and elegant....and yes, always smiling! To this day, my mom is still the most stylish lady l know! Also Tom Ford and Chanel.
Andrews brand I adore: Cambio, Circolo, Suzi Roher, Cinzia Rocca
How I help: My carefree funky style comes through in my own approach to wardrobing myself as well as my clients. Most of my customers are now friends that l have been helping for years. They know and trust me, so we are already in sync with each other’s personalities and shopping needs. It’s up to me to keep pushing the envelope to keep changing things up and making fresh looks that are exciting and wearable! 
How I shine as a stylist: One thing about working in this industry for over 30 years, it has taught me patience. Every client that comes in is searching for something to make them feel special, to give them the confidence to get them through their day seamlessly. I think l am a great listener and l also try to get people a bit out of their comfort zones. Also, a little glamour goes a long way! True knowledge of fit and style has always been key to gaining a client's trust and loyalty.
My favourite client moment: I have so many wonderful clients that l have had the honour of knowing throughout my career! Many have stuck by me for so long, given me advice, shared their family stories and entrusted in me for their most pivotal occasional moments. I can't choose one fave client moment, but l can say my clients are the reason l choose to do this everyday. This is my career, my passion and my path... because of them!.
Email: colleen@andrewsco.com Phone: 416-622-1515


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