Since the opening of our doors in 1991, we have built our business on the five pillars of Service, Style, Selection, Value, and Quality that endures beyond a couple of seasons have been and remains core to our business model.
However, we recognize that this is no longer enough. Critical environmental and societal issues have reached the forefront of awareness and are calling for change. We understand that as an integral part of the community and broader society, we have a responsibility to contribute to a meaningful impact.
As knowledge on Sustainability issues evolves and advances, we understand that these issues will not be solved overnight. We have also learned that we are only as good as what we know, so we have embarked on a journey to continuously learn and improve what we do. We will share our journey with you, as transparently as possible.

Our Approach to Sustainability
We have taken an approach that is evidence-based and can be summarised by four continuous phases of activity:
  •  Understand our environmental impact.
  •  Identify opportunities for short- and long-term improvement.
  •  Foster positive and meaningful change.
  •  Continuously build on our efforts of meaningful impact and develop a long-term strategy for a sustainable future.
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