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“Andrews's foundation is built on our values. We seek to continually improve the way we conduct our business in a socially responsible, inclusive, and ethical manner. We actively support laws which govern universal human rights, protect the environment, and will continue to work towards contributing towards change that will benefit the community”.

At Andrews, we believe that we have an obligation to our customers, our communities, our employees and the environment to operate our business sustainably. Our organization works to empower our employees to contribute to our environmental objectives and to putting our policies into action. Operating our business sustainably is a core value at Andrews and our sustainability guiding principles are as follows:

  •  Creating a culture and environment of collaboration, involvement, and engagement for our employees.
  •  Creating partnerships with suppliers, vendors, and collaborators that adhere to national and international regulations regarding environmental conservation, waste management, energy and water conservation.
  •  Fostering long term relationships with vendors and suppliers who operate with a high level of integrity in respecting children’s rights, women’s rights, promote diversity, protect their employees, and provide a fair, safe, and healthy work environments in their operations.
  •  Partnering with communities through supporting environmental initiatives.
  •  Sourcing high-quality products from brands who have an established position on Sustainability or who are also on a journey to establishing sustainability in their business.
  •  Driving profit responsibly and increasing productivity through thoughtful resource conservation.
  •  Enabling our customers to become more sustainable, helping them to reduce their own footprint by educating and suggesting them sustainable products.

Opportunities For Change
We’ve identified three key areas for which we will continually deliver change and develop policies for:

  •  Product: We will work to identify and make conscious improvements to our product acquisition and management strategy.
  •  Operations: We will seek to reduce emissions and waste impact within our operations.
  •  Community: We will seek improvements in the way we operate, to become part of the broader solution on topics such as equal rights, safety, and empowerment. 

In our high-level product management approach, we have set goals to work to continually improve on reducing surplus by further including Sustainability data, customer demand, and trend forecasting into the strategic planning of our buy. By reducing surplus we also reduce waste, energy, fuel consumption, and the impact of packaging materials.

Andrews will give focus to the raw materials in the manufacturing of products, as these decisions have a direct impact on biodiversity. The following are examples of the raw materials used in the manufacture and which we will actively look for: 

  •  Sustainable, Organic cotton
  •  Forest-friendly alternatives such as Tencel™ Lyocell
  •  Recycled fibers such as recycled polyester
  •  Refibra™; a fiber made of sustainable plant-based raw materials

Andrews will support raising awareness of the sustainable products we offer by highlighting them with the sustainable icon

Operations and Community
Andrews is committed to reducing the environmental footprint in our daily activities and to providing our clients with environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions to help them reduce their own environmental impact. We are committed to the long-term well-being of our staff, clients, and the communities where we are located by respecting and fostering diversity, inclusion, and women's empowerment. We aim to have diversity and inclusion as a central part of our business philosophy and culture. 

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